Work With An Experienced Geotechnical And Design Company For Outstanding Results

Many government regulatory agencies and construction companies require a Geotechnical and design company. An experienced soil testing company can reduce many potential liability issues that are currently unidentified on a construction site. Residential or large commercial developments can benefit the construction companies by providing them with the subsurface information during the planning stages of this process. A Geotechnical evaluation can be performed on site with the help of experienced engineers and testing equipment. Gas, oil and mining operations can impact the ground and a Geotechnical review of the possible design elements should be performed first. Change orders on a project can cost thousands of dollars and put a job well over the budgeted expenses.

An experienced Geotechnical and design company will perform every lab test that’s needed to determine the soil and rock subsurface conditions. This type of engineering company will combine engineering, physics, and geology to determine the suitability of the site. After the design elements are reviewed, a Geotechnical engineer will perform a site investigation and quantify the soil and rock properties below and on a site. They can evaluate the risk to property, humans or environmental hazards such as landslides, debris flow, earthquakes and many other natural disasters.

In addition to site development, a Geotechnical and design company can perform:

Plant Inspections

Soil Sampling

Lime Treatment

Fresh Concrete, Mortar, Grout Sampling, Testing and Sample Preparation

Concrete, Masonry, Shotcrete Coring

Asphalt, Concrete Coring and Saw Cutting

In-Place Moisture Content/Dry Density of Soil and Base

And much more.

A Geotechnical and design company including can also perform inspections for a construction site:

Tilt Up

Concrete Epoxy and Mechanical Anchors

Conventional Foundations and Drilled Shaft System

Mass Grading and Filling


Exterior Insulating Finish System

Schmidt Hammer Testing

Moisture Vapor Testing

When a roadway, building, parking area or other engineered facilities or structures have failed, a Geotechnical engineering is usually contacted to determine what happened to cause the structure to fail. On-site testing can be performed and testing of the soil will help to determine that cause of failure. The engineering department will compile and evaluate all of the data and provide options to correct a problem with a formal report.


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